To My Forever Person Who Makes Every Moment A Valentine’s Day


I keep on blinking assuming that everything about you and me was just a dream. I still remember the minutes, days and months before I met you, I was laying in the same bed as where I am tonight. Those days… where I keep on thinking about a way out through the melancholy. Hopeless… but trying. You came into my life unexpectedly. Actually, I never thought you will break the walls I built, the walls that consist of trust issues and pain. You broke in using the gentlest weapon not everyone can use… you used your heart and sincerity as your key to my heart. You awaken the love and happiness in me, you made me forget all the ocean of “what if’s” and future regrets and I’m not sure in my decisions in life but I’m sure about letting you in.

You showed me reasons to be thankful and appreciate life because I never experienced being in love like how I feel about you. You took care of me, guide me, you support me with everything I do, you accept everything that has to do with me and most importantly you accept my soul. It’s like you’re made of happiness because whenever I stare at you, I feel so happy as if I was the most blessed girl in the world because I have you. You taught me how to love without expecting the same love in return. You always give the best of everything just to remind me how you love me.

And I can say loving and caring is where you’re good at because I’ve witnessed it. I’ve seen how you care for your love ones, I’ve heard every story you and your family had and every time you share your moments with them I can really feel how you love them. That’s where you had me… because you loved my family like how you love your own. You respect my mother and love her. You respect my older brother and try reaching him as much as possible. You love my niece and nephew as much as I love them. You love my family because you always show. I’m so blessed to have you, from the moment I first saw your smile up until now, I love you. I love you in your devastation days, in your haggard days, in sickness and in pain. I will always love you up until the end.

Love was pathetic, a childish emotion for me before… maybe because it can ruin a person’s day and personality even with one second using just one word. But here you are, correcting all the blemishes in my thoughts. Today, it turns out to be the remedy of my insanity because you’re in it… you’re the one who fulfill everything in me. You’re the one who showed how real love feels like and I thank God for having you here, because setting aside the trust issues, what ifs, and future regrets is totally worth it. Thank you for coming in to my life. No, let me correct that… thank you for being the reason of loving my life. I love you my forever Valentine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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