To The Tired Heart That Can’t Stop Giving

When you give constantly for years on end, you’re tired and drained in every way. Yet you still manage to give, no matter how tired you are, because that is what you do, no matter what the situation.

You give to the best of your ability when you’re tired but generous. You always seem to be the one who gives a part of yourself selflessly to someone. That is a beautiful and unique quality that you have. Not everybody has or understands it at times, but to you it just feels normal. You feel like it’s what you should be doing whenever you can, even when you’re tired.

Sometimes you may feel like it’s necessary to rest, but more often than not you feel odd when you finally do decide to relax because you feel so out of character doing that. You’re more comfortable seeing those around you, even complete strangers, happy than you are yourself, so you tend to give more than most. On the rare occasion that you say no to a person because you’re just so drained you couldn’t possibly give any more, you feel guilty for saying no, because deep down you felt like you could have helped. In reality, you couldn’t, so you’re left feeling helpless, even though you might be listening to their problems and they may feel like it’s enough. You may not, though—you never do.

That’s the honest truth of a tired but giving heart.

You need to be able to be truly who you are and be able to express your feelings out in the open in front of friends and family who love you. They may not understand you at times but are there for you regardless of how you are feeling. You need friends and family to lean on when you expect too much from yourself. They give you the appreciation and credit you often give others but rarely give yourself.

Having a heart like yours is tiring and draining at times, but you will never stop giving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark