The Only Person You Need To Change For Is Yourself

silhouette of woman during sunset
Darius Bashar / Unsplash

The only person you need to change for is you.

You might be feeling the need to change for someone you’re dating or you might feel pressure from family or friends. You may feel that you need to do this to get them to like you more or accept you. You feel if you decide to change for them, they’ll be more appreciative of your efforts and keen to you. Maybe certain things they say or question, in turn, have you questioning why you say or do things a certain way. They have created you starting to doubt yourself. Maybe now you question when you feel you are being “unfiltered” or “unconventional” The reality, however, is that you if you want to change, it should only be for one person: yourself.

If those around you don’t accept you for you are, it’s best that you don’t have them around. You should be surrounded by supportive, encouraging people. Those who question your values or styles or methods of thinking are not lifting you up. They essentially are tearing you down and you’re allowing it to continue by allowing these people in your life. When you think you want to change yourself for someone else, you are doing it for all of the wrong reasons. When you do it for other people, you aren’t being true to yourself nor true to what makes you unique. When you do this for someone else, you are essentially putting on a mask for another person. They most likely desire for you to be quite unlike who you truly are. If they are looking for something else out of a person, then they should do just that- find what they are looking for in another person. You must remain true to yourself. Don’t hide or dull yourself for the approval of someone else. TC mark

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