5 Reasons I’m Obsessed With The Wolf of Wall Street

In case you are not up to date on all things Leonardo DiCaprio, the trailer for The Wolf Of Wall Street came out on Monday, and it’s literally everything. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link. And if you watched the trailer and still aren’t obsessed, here are five reasons why this movie is going to be the best movie ever omg:

1. Leo is hot again.

Even though his eyebrows are a little too dark for my taste, Leo’s looking pretty hot in this movie. It’s a nice change of pace from Django Unchained Leo, who was very charming, but was also a scary racist with a bad facial hair/teeth scenario. And okay, Leo was classically hot in Gatsby, but he was a little too desp if you ask me. I want “rich hot asshole Leo,” and The Wolf of Wall Street is delivering the goods. He even does this weird, jiggly dance at the 1:34 mark that is actually the best part of the whole trailer because you know he probably busts out those dance moves in real life and thinks it’s so cool.

2. Matthew McConaughey is in it.

Matthew McConaughey’s career is insane. Everyone was on board with him at first, and then Ghosts of Girlfriends Past happened and he lost us all for a bit, but now he’s a national treasure! Seriously. He’s risen like a phoenix out of the ashes of Fool’s Gold with movies like Magic Mike and Mud. I trust him again. And you should too. Now if only Kate Hudson could arrange the same type of comeback…

3. It’s not Hugo

I loved Hugo, but let’s be real: I really didn’t. Sure, it was cute, but also way too family friendly for my tastes. Maybe if it had been about a sexy automaton who achieved fame and fortune only to squander it all away thanks to a terrible coke addiction, I would have liked it more. But that wasn’t the case. No one was crashing Lamborghinis into street lamps, or throwing money disrespectfully at other people in Hugo. Boring! I want to see characters fight to rise to the top, only to suffer a long fall down into the depths of despair, thanks to their obsession with greed. Hence, my obsession with The Wolf of Wall Street. 

4. Margot Robbie = Sharon Stone in Casino

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’ve been thinking about Sharon Stone a ton lately. I miss her. Where has she been? She literally stopped acting and now just travels the world with her young boyfriend and hosts galas and gets sued by former nannies. What about me, Sharon? What about my needs? When I saw Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street trailer, I immediately got Sharon Stone circa Casino vibes. She looks a hell of a lot like Sharon in the trailer, and I can say with the utmost assurance that anyone who calls a man “daddy” in a sexy voice is probably a money-hungry psychopath. Love.

5. There’s a Kanye song in the trailer.

When a Kanye West song is used in the trailer for a movie, you know it’s going to be good. The Social Network, anyone? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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