Write, Just Write

Crumple the last draft and make a new one. Start from what happened yesterday or maybe the dreams you want to realize. Write about the flowers you saw the day you got your first job, or the blue umbrella your mom got you for your seventh birthday. Jot down ideas on the red notepad you brought from your first salary, and write about the thoughts you get first thing in the morning. Create a place from scratch, from your own imagination, and make it into your own little reality—write, just write.

Write a diary entry for the hundredth time or the first time. Write about how your day went, especially when you know no one will hear you out. Write about how your seatmate in Chemistry class laughed at your geeky joke or about the time your dad said he loved you for the first time. If you can’t find the book, write about it, write about anything—write, just write.

Write about the beautiful things that make you smile; how you see yourself in twenty ears or maybe the dreams that finally turned into reality. Write about your favorite music and share to the world the beauty and melody through phrases that rhyme or words that intertwine. Write.

Write about everything that fascinates you; the sound of the rain as it drops on your windowpane or the beautiful colors of the sunset you saw on your way home to your apartment. Write about love and its beauty, its cliché happily ever after’s, its defeat. Write about the broken hearted or your broken heart, write to mend it, write to forget, or to remember. Write about anger, pain, and suffering. Write about the real things that happen to real people—the battle that happens within, the battle that no one sees.

Write about the truth and the consequences that might come after it. Let your words shed blood and unveil the reality of what the world has become. Write, so that the next generation will know about the world before them. Please write.

Continue to write even if it is already the last page. Write on that blank page and don’t ever stop. Don’t stop immortalizing emotions and ideas, continue to spark questions—let them read and realize what they need to know. Write, just write. Write from the heart and touch other lives. Because words can do much more than voice out thoughts, it can also inspire. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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