Confessions Of A Forever Fat Girl

Pitch Perfect

I am tired of being dictated how I need to look, and what I have to eat. I love myself; that’s why I indulge on good food and great company. I am not skinny, and I don’t have long legs. But guess what? I don’t care. I know that I am beautiful no matter what people say.

And anyway, who cares that I am fat? Why do they care? It’s not their life I’m living. They’re not living mine.

Shouldn’t we all be confident with how we look like since people will continue to judge us anyway? We should stop thinking that we aren’t good enough — because all of us are. So, rather than always trying to please everyone else, please yourself, and don’t give a damn about whatever they say. Love yourself, and know that you are beautiful no matter what.

Aren’t we all tired of hearing nasty comments about our bodies? “Your arms are too flabby,” “your thighs are so big,” “don’t you ask yourself if you’re fat,” “you only have yourself to blame,” “your body is not proportional”? Come on! Why do they have to care so much? Do they have serious insecurities about themselves that they have to put it out on someone who’s happy with how they look? Why do they have to always associate beauty with someone who has perfect abs, and who is skinny?

We are all beautiful. You don’t need to objectify anyone for something as variable as size. No one has the right to dictate what beauty means, and how should it look like.

I am not skinny; I am big boned, my arms are flabby, and my thighs are huge. I admit I felt conscious once, and that I hated it when people made fun of how I look like. But now, I realize that if I continue to please everyone with how they want me to look, then I will never be happy. I’d rather be happy with how I look, and be pleased with myself rather than always try my best to satisfy other people with how I look.

And this fat girl’s biggest confession is, I am happy with my body. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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