Date A Guy Who’s Quiet

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector’s Series)

He will awkwardly walk towards you with a half-smile, not knowing if he’s going to wave hi or actually say hello. His charm will make you swoon and you will suddenly realize that even if it’s cliché, actions does speak louder than words, and it’s definitely okay. You will learn that silence is never scary, and sometimes it is more beautiful than an elaborate text message explaining how much he loves you. But once he speaks, you will feel the sincerity flowing as you will find yourself hanging on to his every word. It may be hard for him to tell you about how his day went. But he will eventually learn that it is not about how long his sentences should be, and his efforts will amaze you with how much he will try his best to tell you details.

Date a guy who is quiet, a guy who is reserved, a guy who listens to the noise and chaos of this world. He is a guy who thinks before he speaks, and a guy who knows how to value someone else’s opinion. You will learn that it isn’t always about you, and that silence doesn’t mean you weak. He will make you realize that only through silence you will hear beauty, and only through silence you will get to appreciate the little things. He will never overuse words, as he will constantly mean what he says. He will listen to you and your endless rants, and he will digest them and tell you what you need to hear. He will make your relationship more real as he will continue to show you how it is to love, and not use words to constantly seduce you to do what he wants.

He is never a fan of hollow promises and rehearsed I love you’s. He may not be good with words, but he will try his best to step out of his comfort zone and tell you how he feels in a way that is more realistic than romantic. And finally, you will realize every moment with him is golden because silence seems to connect you the way words never could and it makes everything absolutely amazing. TC Mark

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