Date A Girl Who Plays Basketball

Choose a girl who knows how to take care of something while she handling it with care, a girl who loves to push herself to the limit, a girl who loves the feeling of sweating and will never complain about bumps and bruises.

Date a girl who plays basketball. The girl who will never take anything for granted because one point can make everything crucial, the girl who will handle the ball with superb care and make sure that the only people who will get it from her are her teammates. The girl who wouldn’t mind letting you see her true self—in her jersey, latest pair of Kobes, without make-up, and sweating.

She lives for the simple pleasures in life. The swoosh of the net after perfectly shooting a three-pointer, the lovely but annoying sound of the buzzer, the reassuring cheer of the audience, the dragging yet amusing bus rides, and the fulfillment right after winning a game. You will get amused at the fact that she gives so much importance to basketball as if her life depends on it. But later on, as you spend more time with her, you will realize that her passion will show a reflection of how she cares about the things and people that are most important to her.

Try to wake-up earlier than her and send her a good luck message before her big game. It would be nicer if you message her whole team too. Wish them all the luck and motivate her to stay focused on winning as if it’s her last game. Let her know that even if she won’t play for the first minute, she will always have the chance to help her team win—through cheering, giving out towels, or even shooting the winning three-pointer.

Watch her games and play with her. Do extra works together and try your best to beat her in heart-pounding 1-on-1’s. She loves the challenge. Watch her become a monster, a beautiful one, once she enters the basketball court. Do not be ashamed to cheer with all your heart, because your voice, your cheer, and your support inspires her more than you’d ever know.

Once you find a girl who plays basketball, please make sure to never let her go. Patiently give her heart-warming pep talks or send her inspirational quotes to keep her motivated. You will suddenly see her glow once she talks about basketball and once she knew you’ve learned to love it too. Patiently listen to her rants about her coach, or her annoying teammate. Listen to her when she talks about NBA, the latest basketball shoes, and her achievement for today’s training. Listen to her pains, frustrations, and dreams. These will show you how big her heart is, and how much she cares. Listen to how much she pours her heart to every word she says whenever she talks about basketball. Just listen, she will definitely appreciate that.

In your free time, surprise her with a cold bottle of water or Gatorade. If she tries to run another round, try your best to fit in your old running shoes and help her push harder. Do shooting with her, and help her make her extra work not so extra. In these simple pleasures, her happiness will be yours, and it will suddenly hit you why you are drawn to her so much.

When you marry a girl who plays basketball, the only time you will see her slow down is when she walks down the aisle. She will be the epitome of beauty and strength, and all you will be able to think of is the passion, heart, and dedication that she has given her team and sport—which will now be given to you. You are now a team and she will be more passionate and motivated to continuously work things out with you. She will make your relationship both exciting and active as basketball will not only be a sport for the both of you, but a way of living. She will never force your children to love the sport the way she loves it, but they will learn to appreciate it when they see her heart poured to it.

Love a girl who plays basketball; love her with all your heart and she will love you back. She will love you more than she will ever love the sport. And if you ask her why she loves you, she will simply show it to you every single day of your life. You will suddenly realize that you will never be alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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