Because They Always Come Back

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They’ll come back when you’re all packed up and ready to finally leave them ten thousand miles behind. They’ll come back when you’ve finally stopped waking up with cold sweat all over your forehead. They’ll come back when you’ve stopped caring, stopped crying, stopped loving.

They’ll come running, with a force you cannot fight against.

They’ll make every hair on your body stand once again, they’ll make you lose sleep thinking of them. They’ll kiss the most sensitive spot on your neck, and whisper ever so gently into your eyes, “I love you, come back to me” and make your knees go weak.

They are you evil exes. The ones who vowed to spend a lifetime loving you, then dumped you out cold. The ones you spent weeks and months hating, only to come back dreaming of their warmth.

If they come back, don’t drop your entire world again just to let them in. Don’t leave behind the strong and independent person you built when they left you on your own.

Because you’ve already let go.
Don’t turn back to a love that left you in the first place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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