I Want To Know Everything About The Universe You Hold Within

I Want To Know Everything About The Universe You Hold Within

There are so many things I want to know about you.

Your lunar cycles:
I will watch you through all your phases. I will see your light mature, slowly, filling the cracks of my broken soul. I want to watch you when you’re full moon, and breathe, as my soul is getting soldered, by your light. I just wonder, can I still gaze at you when you turn your face to the sun?

The main source of your energy: I want to preserve it and keep you alive. Tell me, is it the sun or the stars?

Your moons: I want to know how many moons you have. Can you tell me which ones keep you company in the dark?

Your form: I want to know if you’re just a celestial body or a whole galaxy. I want to know how your breathe looks like. I couldn’t see it when I inhaled your kiss. Is it a cloud or a nebula?

Your stars: I want to know how you feel when a star is born inside you. Does it burn? I want to know what happens when a star dies inside you. I wonder, do the other stars remain bright when they mourn?

Your orbit: I want to know how much time you need to orbit my heart. Is it a day or an eternity?

Your black holes: I want to know how many black holes you have. I know of one, your past! Are all the others secrets too?

Your planets: I want to know all your planets. They might help me understand you.

Venus: I want to know what happens to Venus when you fall in love. Does it change shape or colour? Does it become brighter?

Mars: I want to know if Mars gets jealous when you become just as cold, when you become distant, so distant, that even your own stars cannot reach you.

Uranus: I want to know if ice survives in your eyes. The last time I saw you, you fixed me with an icing look, like Uranus the “ice giant”. I want to know if it snows inside you or if the dew freezes in your mornings.

Mercury: I want to know if horizons spill from your heart and if it beats with a burning flame, like Mercury. I want to watch your sunset. Does the sun rise from your lungs? I miss the times when passion was the only language you spoke. How come silence has become your mother tongue?

Saturn: I saw the colours of light glimmering from your silhouette, like the rings of Saturn. I want to know how your rainbows are born. I want to know if your smile is curved like one. I want to know how the colours of your halo change between two smiles.

Neptune: I remember the sparkle in your blue eyes as if suddenly Neptune woke up from a magical dream. Are your eyes an ocean or a sea?

Jupiter: I want to know how big your worries are. Are they bigger than Jupiter?

Pluto: I know how far you can go. I know how unreachable you can be, like Pluto. But I don’t know how close you can get to me. Can you tell me?

Your layers: I want to know how many layers you have and if you have an ozone layer. I want to know what breaks you.

The beginning to times: I want to know how it all started and when was the big bang. When did my heart explode?

I want to know so many things about you.

Please tell me who you are, tell me who is this little universe inside me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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