To The Young Girl Who Lost Her Self-Worth Because Of Love

Flickr / Lee Haywood
Flickr / Lee Haywood

Scars, wounds, bruises, tears are everything that’s left from the many years of emotional investment. You look into the mirror, you feel sorry for the girl staring back at you, wondering if she’ll ever be worthy of a love that she thinks she deserves.

The pain, the emotional indictments and rejection were all reflected on her eyes and that her real value blurs right in front of her making her confused from escaping to chasing to getting back together again with the same person which these scars emanated from, thinking that this will be the only person who will love her and accept her even though how terrible and worthless she can get and perhaps that’s why she deserves all these beatings and tortures.

However, I’d like you to stare on that mirror for longer young girl. Your scars, the stitches, the pain need not define your worth but those marks evidently show how unworthy is the person who once did that to you for your vast love and forgiveness.

Mind you young girl that those scars, those tiny little bad memories on the markings of your skin should give you the power to fight and see how strong you are as a person, to serve as a reminder that you are never a worthy recipient of this abuse, that in the first place it should not be there, that your parents took care of you, sheltered you from harm, taught you how to stand to avoid them and how come that this one single person, who just started out as a stranger has the right to engrave them to you. Let that be an important thought to ponder my dear.

But even as I say, young girl, it’s never easy to walk away. It’s like you’re in a whirlpool of sand, you want to escape but then you’re hopelessly stuck with the earth that’s pulling down your feet till it swallows you alive.

People and friends will label you stupid, naive, absurd and crazy but what they don’t understand is that all these broken pieces inside of you still longs for that one single person who constantly broke it into tiny little pieces. That person who crumpled your soul is the essential core to your being, the sole reason for your laughter invalidating all the tears he gives, that this person will still and always will be the only person you chose to hurt you.

Nobody understands your dilemma and the ambiguity of loathing and loving someone so much. How can that one person you can’t live without could be the same person you should not live with. I understand that agony. Nevertheless, you are indeed valiant for being such a warrior in saving yourself just to protect your wicked prince charming from all the judgments and stigma.

And that is why you never cried out for help. So you chose to keep silent, fighting battles on your own, a lone survivor, and that is just because you love that person. Then you ended up protecting yourself and him all at the same time. However young girl, it will not save you for longer. Don’t set a drawback for you to find true love and the happy ending you are meant to have. It’ll never be easy but please just walk away, don’t wait till you’re all paralyzed from the havoc he had made on your life that you can no longer move on. It’s not good to always fight for love because sometimes letting go would be the best option.

I want to hug you young girl till your pieces get you back together, to remind you that you are not shattered and devastated. That you are perfectly molded to become powerful as you can be. He may have crushed your body but definitely not your soul. I can still see the glow, it’s still there. I just want to tell you, you are beautiful because you have truly loved and forgave endlessly. Your heart is shining and he can’t take that away from you. Those scars may engrave on your skin for forever. But dear you are not meant to deal with it your whole life through. Scars are okay but stay away from the fresh wounds, you ought to learn, you have to be stronger, you ought to grow.

Little girl, cease your tears, it’ll just blur out that exquisite image that you can dwell upon the sight of your stronger self. Move on, nobody deserves to be someone’s punching bag and an outlet for anger. And last but not the least is that, may you always remember that you can never truly love someone else unless you learn to care, love and forgive her endlessly, do you see that scarred beautiful girl who’s gazing back at you? She’s the one who deserves it all. Comfort her. Love her. Cause she’s the princess who’s worth the fight from all your lone battles but unlike the wicked prince charming, she’s worth it and she’ll always will be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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