7 Reasons Why I Ignore The Men I’m Completely Interested In

Flickr / sunlight cardigan
Flickr / sunlight cardigan

There are people who are like romantic cheese balls when in love. Others may become more extroverted, mushy, submissive, aggressive, childlike, straightforward or passionate. It all depends on how you handle this complicated unexplainable feeling.

We usually have our own styles of loving someone. Some can have the “I get what i want” attitude, others have the “do or die” resilience, the powerful “I can conquer the world with you” while some can calmly say “If we’re meant be together then eventually we will” and just give it all to destiny. While these traits are understandable cause we’re in love. The stigma of ignoring the ones we love is easily judged as insensitive, heartless and absurd.

Why should we ignore them if we truly like them? It seems completely contradictory. Then we eventually end up misunderstood or stereotyped as not interested, insensitive or manipulative; that our loved ones slip away because they may feel unimportant and unloved but in fact, they mean the world to us. To gain deep understanding and acceptance why some people resort into this kind of loving, I’ll provide you these 7 reasons why I usually tend to ignore you when I love you.

1. Strong emotions overwhelm me.

So if you notice that by impulse I always seem to move away from you when you get close; that doesn’t necessarily mean I loathe you. As I’ve said, strong emotions take over me. I like you so much that I cannot handle it being close to that special someone that I cared about especially if I am not certain about your opinions and feelings towards me.

2. I get too conscious that I overthink.

Your mere presence could make me analyze thousands and thousands of thought processes. “What is he up to?” “Is it okay to say this?” “What if I do this” “What was he thinking” “Do I look good?” “Am I that obvious?” “What did he meant by that?” Again, I get too overwhelmed with these thoughts, these unrelenting dialogues inside my brain that’s deafening me that I slowly back away.

3. I want you to notice me.

I know its playing mind games but I think I could really get your attention by not treating you special at all even though it could mean the exact opposite deep inside of me.

4. I don’t want you to think I’m almost always available for you.

Even though the fact still remains, I could totally do everything and anything for you. I think it’s wiser if I should keep myself away because if I don’t, it would be so hard for me to say no to everything you do and ask me to.

5. I want you to make the first move in everything.

I always pay attention to you, your every details, your every move. And a slight rejection from you, a slight move that even though may not mean anything to you at all would be so noticeable for me that would risk my heart to break in tiny little pieces. A joke not acknowledge, a smile that’s unrequited, such little minor things could disappoint me so much that I should stay away from you cause you’re the only one who could make me feel so rejected. However when it comes to other people? Who gives a crap about them if they don’t pay attention to me at all? Remember, it’s only you who matters.

6. You can hurt me.

People who are usually like this when in love are not insensitive punks who are totally boring, ruthless, prude and impassive who likes to use mind games. However, we are just the exact opposite of all the traits that I mentioned above. Because we have the tendency to wear our hearts on our sleeves, tend to fall head first, have the inclination to be impulsive and illogical; we are the most fragile, affectionate, sensitive, caring people when in love. We are at our most vulnerable state when we have that special someone. That is why we usually build high walls, show you that you’re not capable of breaking us, even though when in fact, you already have our hearts in your hands and it’s up to you to take care of it or break it. It all boils down to rejection, the thing we are most afraid of. We are not insensitive but we are indeed highly sensitive people trying to be insensitive. To keep away from being shattered, from being broken. Because the moment we fell in love with you, you have all the power to hurt us and we don’t usually recover easily when we do.

7. While we are the hardest to express our real emotions, the truth is we are the most expressive people.

If the person we love makes the first move of breaking our walls and melt the bars that prison our hearts. Understand that this insensitivity is just a facade, a superficial surface that protects our soft core. If you just try to reach us out, then be prepared for a love that’s going to give you the whole world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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