You Won’t Hear Me Talk About You Anymore

Twenty20 leygh
Twenty20 leygh

I’ve grown quiet now. You won’t hear me talk about you anymore. It doesn’t hurt like it used to. I suppose I am grateful for that at least. But I will never be the girl I was before I knew you. On some days, I miss her, more than I miss you. After all, she was the one you feel desperately in love with. You just didn’t know it at that time. But you do now, don’t you?

You’ve grown quiet too. I don’t think it’s for a lack of things to say. Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way we plan. What’s the point in dwelling what could have been?

I went to sleep last night, thinking about you. Life is just a dream after all. Come and find me when you wake up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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