If You Had Allowed It, She Could Have Been Your Whole World

Milada Vigerova
Milada Vigerova

You loved her and now you know what you’ve lost. Now your
hands feel emptier than before you met her–your heart feels
heavier. But you were young and you were careless. How were
you to know the value of what you were given?

Yet you did know. At least a part of you did. In some strange,
mysterious way, you knew there was something special about
that girl. In her eyes, you caught a glimpse of your own destiny.
You knew it was meant to travel with hers.

If only you could go back to that day; to the one where she stood
before you, gentle and hopeful–waiting for you to make up
your mind. When you thought to yourself that nothing had ever
looked more beautiful.

That was the moment you should have told her what your heart
was telling you. If you had allowed it, she could have been your
whole world. All you had to do was open the door. All you had to
say was, come in.

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