Tell Someone About Me, Even If It Hurts

Twenty20 / berlynkomar
Twenty20 / berlynkomar
Tell someone about me. I can’t bear to think that I have vanished
from your world completely. I can’t stand the thought of resting like
a silent tomb in your heart, shut away from the light. I don’t want to
be an inscription on the first page of your book or the opening of a
trilogy. Have you forgotten everything we spoke about? Could you
live the rest of your life without speaking my name?
Tell someone about me; even if it hurts. You once told me that
everyone has a dark room. Is that where you have put me? Do my
photographs still hang on tenuous cords that twist into your memory?
Tell someone about me. Don’t let me fade away like a Polaroid. Time
can be cruel in that way. But you and I are still living and breathing
in this imperfect world. What could be a greater miracle than that?
Tell someone about me. I don’t want our story to end here, and your
words may be the only thing that can save us. Relinquish your pride
for just one moment–put an end to this interminable silence and tell
someone about me. Or tell the whole world.

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