To The Girl Who Has You Now

It takes a lot of guts putting this out there. Vulnerability and heart-wrenching guts. They say that gypsies come and go. We never settle for anything, nor do we settle for love.

We run before we let our soles sink into the foundation of the Earth. We allow our wings to shift with the wind. What comes, comes. What goes, goes. We never get caught up in sticky situations, but with you, my wanderlust took a turn in direction.

With you, I allowed myself to be still. Never fearing the outcome of our sweet, sweet love affair, never fearing the day when I’d have to say goodbye; or in essence, let you go. I never had in mind what it would be like to have to watch you love another. I know we never talked about forever, but forever is what my heart had in store for you.

As hard as this message may be, I think it’s about time. Time to fully let you go…

So here is to the girl that has you now; the girl who has captured your world, the one who has stolen your beautiful heart, and the one who has taken my place.

Take care of him. Promise me that you will. Promise me that even if your roads get rocky that you’ll always take care of him. He needs that. He needs to know that you won’t run when you have a little argument, he needs to feel protection. He needs to feel your arms around him when the cold winds blow through. Be his shelter.

More than most of the time he won’t accept his flaws, so in you he will look for that. Promise me that you will tell him how gorgeous he is every chance you get and how his eyes shine brighter than the moon.

Make sure you tell him how much you truly adore him. And that even in the worst times you will always love him. He needs to hear these things. Also, make sure to tell him that he doesn’t have to worry because everything is going to be alright. Reassure him that it already is.

Don’t forget to take him out; show him the small treasures of the world. Go on adventures! Go gather rocks and play in the water. Climb the highest mountains with him. He always liked running out in the woods and doing handstands in the midst of anywhere. Hug him, and when you do… Hug him hard. Allow his heavy heart to weigh in the palm of your hands. Keep it there in your warmth.

Cook for him, his favorite meals, even if you’re a horrible chef. Hold his hand in the darkest of hours, it’s that shelter thing. Kiss him sweetly. So sweetly. Make sure that he knows you’re his number one fan.

When the rain pours outside of your window; discover him all over again. It’ll be fun, I promise. Snowy days, hold him close; snuggle his whole life. Reach for him even when he’s away. Take him out to the fields and lay in the summer grass and gaze at the stars with him, sneaking kisses in for days.

Be silly with him. Laugh endlessly with him, and at him; he will appreciate this I promise you.

And if you ever should find yourself in a bind between him and another; always pick him. For he will be your universe if you let him.

Like I said, just take care of him. Promise me? Because now the universe has shifted, new stars have aligned; where once was satisfaction, lies satisfaction with someone new; you.

I just want you to know that you now have something so unbelievably precious. Never take that for granted, never take him for granted. Never underestimate his love. Because it’s real, even when it feels unimaginably so. Even when you feel like it’s overwhelming.

Trust me, everything is overwhelming when it comes to him. But what you’ve got in those pretty little hands of yours is a heart of gold. Your soul has finally found itself a beautiful soul. Enjoy it here, and everything will follow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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