35 Things My 5-8 Year Old Has Said

In 2010 I put together Things My Five Year Old Has Said, Which I Have Quoted on Twitter. It was mostly well received, with some occasional disbelief and questions concerning my parenting, which is a pretty standard response for the internet. Some wanted an update โ€” a round two, if you will. This is that update. Your round two. Eli is now 8 years old, because that’s how time works. Here are 35 things he’s said since November 10, 2010, which I’ve quoted on Twitter.





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    I always love eavesdropping on kids’ talk. So much wisdom on young babes’ mouth.

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    Para los que hablen inglรฉs, leed esta joya. Es una recopilaciรณn que ha hecho una madre de las infinitas perlas de sabidurรญa que suelta su hijo. El niรฑo es una fuente inagotable y un personaje bueno :)

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