To Everyone Currently Saying ‘Donald Trump Is #NotMyPresident’

Marc Nozell
Marc Nozell

Trump’s victory has shown the underbelly of American politics true colors. I have seen terrible reactions from fellow conservatives, and I have seen equally as horrible reactions from liberals. Perhaps one of the most concerning has been Democrats claiming that Donald Trump is not my President.

I have two words for you:

He is.

Public opinion showed that nobody liked either candidate. Words like anger, fear, repression, racist, and liar have been thrown around to the point that we are all desensitized. Let’s take a second to stop and think about the real implications of this election and exactly why Donald Trump is in fact your President.

First of all, we choose to abide by the democratic system in America by maintaining our citizenship here. Part of that great privilege is to honor the system. Hillary Clinton herself conceded to obey the system and recognized that we need to support Donald in his endeavors as President; I find it baffling that her supporters are swearing her last sentiment off. If you are truly in disarray about Clinton’s loss, find yourself a job in politics and start working towards the next election.

Obama was the President for the last eight years, but the Republicans did not just take back the White House. We took back the House and Senate, most seats by popular and electoral vote. This speaks to a broader public dissatisfaction. The Presidency is bigger than any one person; soldiers serving our country die for the President. People serving our country will die for Trump. We need to honor the institution.

Most importantly I want you to know this. The average American makes $24,000 a year and lives in suburban to rural areas. Almost my entire social network complaining about Clinton’s loss went to The George Washington University, a school that prides itself on political awareness, or lives near me in the Financial District of Manhattan. Most of you paid three times what the average American makes to attend college or your work in banking in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York.

You are privileged; you are not representative of the broader country.

I am truly sorry for your loss, but Donald Trump is your President just as Obama was mine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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