11 Modern Day Reality Shows That Should (Maybe) Happen

Note: they almost definitely shouldn’t happen.
Big Time In Hollywood, FL
Big Time In Hollywood, FL

1. 26 And Single

This show follows the lives of a dozen young professionals as they open up Facebook, and then retype it in their browser even though they’re already on Facebook.

2. Talk A Big Game

Each week this series delves into the life of someone who talks a big game about quitting their job, but then never does.

3. Rabbit Hole

This documentary-style series studies the lives of individuals participating in a monthlong study requiring them to spend at least 16 hours a day reading random social media posts. At the end of the study, participants are treated and evaluated for clinical depression. If a participant is not diagnosed with depression, they are awarded one million dollars.

4. It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Tinder

A fascinating look into the world of people who find love in the comment sections of YouTube parody covers.

5. Text Rescue

“Nightlife consultants” Jerome and Jen Stevenson investigate the abhorrent texting practices of aspiring daters, working intensively to reshape their practices and image. The show mostly focuses on dick pics.

6. America’s Next Top Dabbler

This reality show seeks to find America’s Next Top Dabbler — the person who is most skilled at beginning to pursue hobbies or career paths, only to slowly abandon them. The winner is invited to be famous for brief period of time, only to gradually fade into obscurity.

7. Extreme Makeover: Chrome Edition

This show follows your weird, tech-obsessed roommate as he yells at you for not updating to the latest version of Google Chrome.

8. Drake And Josh

Drake and Josh follows the life of 19 year-old Josh Wilson, as he spends weeks and weeks searching for the right Drake poster to put in his dorm room.

9. Say Yes To The Mess

This show focuses on four roommates who refuse to take responsibility for the increasingly gross state of their kitchen — desperately hoping that one of the other guys will take care of it.

10. Fossil Fuel

A deep look into the everyday lives of people who have just started watching the 2008-2013 television Breaking Bad, and feel morally compelled to tell everyone they know how good it is — with complete disregard to the fact that they are several years too late.

11. Netflix Rehab Clinic

This critical darling follows patients at a Netflix Rehab Clinic, as they struggle to recover from both their binge-watching addictions and a $5000 scam. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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