5 Crucial Tips For Dating During The Holiday Season

Dating during the holiday season is not always easy. With that, here are five quick hacks that you can read on the internet, and then be happy forever:
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1. Gifts

If you match with someone on Tinder and then meet up for drinks, ALWAYS make sure to show up with a holiday gift. Make sure the gift is something that they have no choice to sincerely appreciate, such as expensive jewelry or an old family heirloom. They’ll undoubtedly be touched by the gesture, and will definitely  have no choice but to date you for the next 2.5 years.

2. Location-Based Dates

A good way to get to know someone during the holiday season is to go on a date at a local mall. Ideally, you should have this date on Black Friday or the week before Christmas. This way, you’ll immediately be able to see them at their finest.

3. Talk About Religion From The Get-Go

We’re all well aware that the religious implications of the holiday season have been ravenously usurped by insatiable materialism. So, in the spirit of what the holiday season was once about, ensure that all first dates are devoted almost exclusively to the subject of religion.

Ideally you and your date will have been raised practicing the same denomination, but will have developed radically different views and ideas on religion and its place in society. The most important thing here is to never water down your opinions, and be unable to even remotely consider any and all alternative viewpoints.

4. Go Christmas Tree Shopping Together

Even if you don’t practice Christianity, this is a very good idea. You’ll be able to talk about what type of Christmas Tree (or other holiday decorations) you’ll want when you guys move in together. You can also talk about whether or not your holiday decoration strategy will change once you have kids.

 5. Introduce Them To Your Family

Goes without saying. If you’ve slept with someone once or twice, you should clearly be inviting them to your hometown to spend the holidays with your family. This is so obvious that I’m not even really sure why this point is even being included. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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