15 People On The One Song They Can’t Stop Listening To This Week

Everyone listens to music differently. I am a huge binge listener — I’ll get acquainted with a song, forget to turn my spotify settings to private, and proceed to thoroughly ruin it over a 3-4 day span. In celebration of this music consumption tactic, I asked some fellow members of the human species what they were listening to this week. The result was 15 tunes, old and new, that may very well prove to be worthy candidates for your next playlist:

1. Hozier – Like Real People Do


“I absolutely adore this band. They have a soft, yet smoky sound that seems to fit every mood. My favorite thing that’s happened on The Leftovers was discovering Hozier in the closing credits.”Rob F.

2. Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Day


“It’s chill, just like fall weather. Colorful, smooth, jammin’.”Michael K.

3. Maroon 5 – Unkiss Me


“Maroon 5 is my ultimate guilty pleasure artist — I think I’ve loved Adam Levine + co. since I was about 14, and can’t really shake the false autotuned stuff. (I’m basic, sue me.) ‘Unkiss Me’ is off their brand new album, and it’s got that perfect sad-about-unrequited-love vibe that M5 is so good at. It’s also just now becoming fall, and fall always needs that one song you can listen to when you’re crunching through the leaves, pulling your sweater closer and wishing you had a fall boyfriend. (Adam Levine could definitely apply.)” – Ella C.

4. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get


“Someone at work asked me what “Ska” was today, and I was like “Whaaaaaa.. who doesn’t know what ska is?!”  So instead of actually explaining that it’s “a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s, and was the precursor to rocksteady and reggae”, I sent them a link to this gem.  Now I can’t get enough of it up in my earballs!!!” — Patty Bateman AKA Mr. Devil’s Mess 

5. Clean Bandit – Rather Be (feat. Jess Glyne)


“Sometimes I get sad I live in a world where this wasn’t the summer song of 2014. And yes, summer is indeed over but I’ll let the hangover linger a little. Apart from having an addictive beat, this British band’s main singer has incredible vocals. The replay button will get a break…eventually.” – Kovie B.


6. The Kinks – Days


“Ray Davies is the best songwriter to come out of the British Invasion—everything Lennon and McCartney were supposed to be, and then some. This is a song that mixes gratitude and regret: “You took my life/But then I knew that very soon you’d leave me.” Soul-crushing.” – Jim G.

7. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks


Seems I’m a little late to the FKA Twigs bandwagon, but so be it. I like the way she croons “motherfucker.” Not so sure my neighbors agree. – Rachel H.

8. Mø – Say You’ll Be There


“No, you’re not crazy. Yes, your assumptions are correct. It’s a cover of the classic Spice Girls tune, just slowed way down and performed by up-and-coming Danish singer-songwriter, Mø. Who knew the Girls were still relevant enough to have covers made by totally obscure artists? I didn’t. But now I do. And this particular one is addictive with its slow beat and haunting harmonizing.” – Emma G.

9.  Patent Pending – Break Stuff (Limp Bizkit Cover)


“This is Limp Bizkit’s hardcore track “Break Stuff,” turned into a piano-driven emo confessional song. You’re not sure whether you’re supposed to burst out laughing, or finally confront your deepest and darkest inner demons. Patent Pending is as funny as they are talented, and their other popular tracks (like this catchy and clever Super Mario themed song) are all worth a few listens.” – Lance P. 

10. Ella Eyre – We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off

“Ella’s an emerging British artist and she’s like the smokier, sexier, raspier version of Adele. This sensual song will not only make you fall in love with the singer (and her voice), but the lyrics will make you go, yeah, why’s everybody gotta get naked so fast?”  – Jamie V.

11. Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke – Shipwreck


“I listen to a lot of songs every day but sometimes will get this on repeat for hours at a time because it’s repetitive and weirdly motivational. This is a good song for answering a lot of emails to.”  – Brandon G.

12. Cups — Anna Kendrick


“There’s nothing better than rediscovering a song that was extremely popular a year or two ago after you’ve completely forgotten about it.” – Chrissy S.

13. Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony


“For me it’s “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony. It’s got a great beat, Marc Anthony’s voice is untouchable, and it’s extremely danceable (I am frequently dancing to it at my desk at work). It gets me incredibly pumped up despite not understanding what the lyrics are talking about, except “living my life.” Which is good enough for me!” – Chelsea F.

14. Bon Iver – Blood Bank


“It finally feels like fall in Michigan so I’ve been listening to this on chilly nights while I write articles or read a book and drink coffee. Something about the mood of the song combined with the cooler season makes me more introspective.”  – Koty N.

15. Geto Boys – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta


“Featured in the movie, Office Space, Geto Boys “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.” My roommate listened to this song non-stop when he got promoted. Then I adopted it as my own because it talks about the positive qualities a real man has. Whenever I’m feeling down or even when I’m feeling good, I put this on to remind myself what I strive to be.”Raul F. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Clean Bandit – Rather BE

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