The 8 New Friends You’ll Make After College

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During the transitional time that is your early #postgradlife, you’ll find yourself in a many a situation you haven’t yet experienced. Here are a few “friends” you may run into along the way:

1. Fees That You Had No Idea Existed

Friend Type: The Friend That Nobody Likes

Be it broker fees, random banking fees, or even Robert Fees, you’ll spend your early 20s getting acclimated with all sorts of bank account draining realities that you had no idea existed.

After spending the first 20 years of your life wondering why adults are so grumpy all the time, the perpetual mood now makes a little bit more sense.

2. Things That Hydrate You

Friend Type: Your New Best Friend

Watch as the biggest of college hero goes from downing shots to downing bottles of smart water before he takes shots. Hydration, particularly when alcohol is involved, will become your new best homie — and will probably make an unprecedented leapfrog to the upper echelons of your Top 8.

3. Early Mornings

Friend Type: The friend who you can’t decide if you love or hate.

At times, you will want nothing more than to murder the abstract concept that is 7:15am.But at other times, you’ll be enthralled that you get to hang out with the early morning.

Why did you never do this before? You’ll get so* much done!

*Add approximately 4-17 more o’s. 

4. Doing Nothing

Friend Type: The friend you really wanna start hanging out with more.


5. Foods That Start With A Hard K Sound

Friend Type: The friend who is kinda annoying, but definitely a good influence.

Quinoa, Kale, and…that’s it. Just a lot of quinoa and kale.

6. Credit Card Points/”Miles”

Friend Type: The friend who’s as boring as you are.

A surefire way to sound more mature than you really are is to get really passionate about things like credit card points and miles.

This shows that you’ve given up on having anything exciting to live for, which is a very important part about being a grown-up. Another important part about being a grown-up is never saying the word grown-up.

7. Bookshelves

Friend Type: The friend who has no idea how pretentious he is.

Be it for decorative purposes OR because you’ve really started to embrace the idea of reading for fun, bookshelves are a crucial component of the early 20s experience.

Additionally, a bookshelf is a great place to store a kindle.

8. The Email ‘Out of Office’ Message

Friend Type: The bad influence friend

Hanging out with this friend too much is a terrible idea — but man is it fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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