50 Great Sports Moments From The Early 2000s (That You Might Have Forgotten About)

31. “Derek Fisher At The Buzzer!”

What people sometimes forget about this classic playoff moment is that with less than a second remaining, Timmy Duncan nailed a ridiculous fadeaway to give the Spurs a one point lead, and likely the win.

Likely the win.

32. Andy Roddick Wins The US Open

Personally, I can’t get enough of this video of Andy Roddick. But his 2003 US Open win was an enormous moment in US Tennis history.

33. “You Play To Win The Game”

Herman Edwards explains to the media why people play sports.

34. Randall Simon Knocks Down The Sausages

An infamous moment here, Pittsburgh Pirates player Randall Simon hits a sausage during the Brewers’ 7th inning sausage race.

As this #takedown of a news report indicates, what was almost certainly intended as a playful prank didn’t exactly turn out that way…

35. Reggie Miller Is Out Of This World

The lower seeded Pacers gave the Eastern Conference favorites quite a scare in the first round, particularly during this Game 5 nail-biter. Amazingly clutch human Reggie Miller nearly eliminated the Nets singlehandedly, keeping the Pacers alive with two incredible plays at the end of regulation and overtime respectively.

36. Bob May vs. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was all the rage in 2000. His legend was further secured when he emerged victorious after this thrilling PGA Championship playoff battle with virtual unknown Bob May.

37. Martin St. Louis Makes Everybody Really Quiet

This 2004 Stanley Cup — the last before that terrible cancelled season, was one of the more memorable Stanley Cups of the aughts. Many thought the Cup was finally gonna go back to Canada; and during this game 6 overtime period, all the Flames needed to make that reality was to score a goal.

You could feel the energy being completely sucked out of the arena, as St. Louis scored to knot the series at 3 and send it back to Tampa Bay; where the Lighting ended up winning the series.

38. Tracy McGrady Scores 13 Points in 35 Seconds

Although he never really established himself as a legendary NBA talent, McGrady was probably league’s the best scorer for a number of years. Kobe, famously, has said McGrady was the toughest player he ever had to guard.

In what’s probably his most impressive moment, McGrady scored 13 points in 35 seconds to give the Rockets a highly improbably victory over the Spurs.

39. Venus vs. Serena: Back To Back US Open Finals Duels

In the early 2000s, the battle between these superstar sisters was at an all-time high; particularly the stretch between 2001 and 2002, when they faced each other in the US Open Final during back to back years; each of them nabbing a title.

40. The Tuck Rule

One of the most infamous plays in NFL history; after the tuck rule saved New England’s season, first year QB Tom Brady and the Pats ended up winning the Super Bowl. Although the Raiders made the big game the very next year, this moment is certainly attributed to the doom that has now hovered over the franchise for over a decade.


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