50 Great Sports Moments From The Early 2000s (That You Might Have Forgotten About)

21. Roger Clemens Throws A Bat At Mike Piazza

The Subway Series didn’t turn out to be too much of a contest. But luckily, we’ve got this play to remember.

22. Aaron Boone Sends The Yankees To The World Series

The first of two ridiculous ALCS’ between the Yanks and the Sawx. Aaron Boone delivers.

23. Yanks vs. Sawx 2004 Summer Brawl

Varitek and A-Rod get after it. The Sox won this game in dramatic fashion, on a walkoff homerun to cap a spirit comeback. A nice summer preview for the most most compelling baseball series in recent memory, if not ever.

24. Dave Roberts’ Steal

Down 3-0 in the series and trailing by one in the bottom of the 9th, Dave Roberts stole second. Don’t need to go into what happened after that.

25. Super Mario’s Triumphant Return

After a tumultuous series of years –which included beating Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an MVP return, an early retirement, and a savvy financial scheme which ended up saving the Penguins’ franchise and enabling him to assume ownership of the team, Mario Lemieux returned to hockey. This was hist first game back. 

26. Lisa Leslie Throws It Down

In 2002, WNBA superstar Lisa Leslie became the first player in league history to dunk in a game. Leslie, without a doubt one of the greatest players in WNBA, did a remarkable job in putting the league on the map.

27. Surfer Mike Parsons Rides A 64 Foot Wave

You wait for the wipeout, but it never comes. At the time, this was a record — one Parsons would later break in 2008, surfing a 77 foot wave. Easy.

28. 15 Seed Hampton Stuns Iowa State

Over the past few years, major upsets have become a little bit more common; but in 2001, a 15 seed defeating a 2 seed was simply unheard of. The way they pulled it off was pretty cool too. Gotta love that celebration.

29. Byron Letwich Gets Carried Down The Field

Byron Leftwich was one tough dude.

30. Joe Namath Gives An Interview

Namath had a little too much to drink before this 2003 interview with sideline reporter Suzy Kolber. Broadway Joe later apologized for the episode, and curbed his partying ways by entering a treatment program a few weeks later.


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