50 Great Sports Moments From The Early 2000s (That You Might Have Forgotten About)

11. Tayshuan Prince: “The Block”

The best is listening to then-announcer Doc Rivers break down the block. This shouldn’t have happened.

12. Paul Kariya Gets Knocked Down, Gets Up Again

Thanks to one of the one of the most impressive goaltending runs in NHL playoff history, Jean-Sebastian Giguere and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks found themselves in the Stanley Cup against the New Jersey Devils. The Ducks’ Stanley Cup hopes took a big hit in Game 6 of the series, when star Paul Kariya was walloped by Scott Stevens.

Then, this happened.

13. Tiger Woods Wins By 15 Strokes At Pebble Beach

When I was in late elementary school/early middle school, I went to a golf camp for a few summers. When it rained, they always had us watch this video — the final round of Tiger’s amazing display at Pebble Beach. Somehow, we weren’t bored.

14. Derek Jeter “The Flip”

Even as a huge childhood Yankee hater, I couldn’t help but admire this incredible play, probably the highlight of Jeter’s career.

15. JT Snow Saves Darren Baker

The 2002 World Series between the Anaheim Angles and the San Francisco Barry Bonds’ was as good as any a World Series. The Angels took the series in 7, but this “save” by JT Snow has arguably become its most enduring image; following this scare, the MLB made an age restriction on bat boys.

16. 2002 Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics’ Ridiculous 4th Quarter Comeback

This comeback stands out in my mind for a few reasons; one, because it went down on my 12th birthday. But two, because prior to the game I remember hearing Mike Francesca ranting to Chris “Maddog” Russo about how the Nets had no chance beating the Celtics on their home turf. “They neva gonna win at the Fleet Centa dog,” he kept saying “…they neva!”

My dad and I came home from a soccer game and turned on the game as the 4th quarter was about to start. The Nets were up by 21, and it looked like they were in fact gonna win at the Fleet Centa Dog.

Then, Paul Pierce exploded for 19 points, and the Celtics pulled off the biggest 4th quarter comeback in NBA history. That was the day I learned to never mock the clear prophet that is Mike Francesca.

17. “The Incomparable Michael Vick”

Remember this one?

18. Robert Horry Sinks The Kings

I hated this play — had the ball not bounced right into the hands of Big Shot Bob, the Kings would’ve taken a 3-1 series lead and likely would’ve put the series out of reach. But thanks in part to this great shot by king of clutch Horry, the Lake Show went on to win yet another NBA title.

19. Kings vs. Lakers Game 7

Horry’s shot was followed by a clutch Game 5 shot from Kings guard Mike Bibby. The now-classic series culminated in one of those games that was totally worth staying up late and being exhausted during all of the school day; I can’t remember watching such a hard fought Game 7.

Towards the end Bibby nearly willed the Kings to an NBA championship berth, but Kobe & Shaq ended up emerging victorious in OT. Above, some intense footage from the 4th quarter.

20. The Monday Night Miracle

Down 23 points in the 4th quarter, Vinny Testaverde and the Jets somehow rallied to beat the rival Miami Dolphins. Arguably the most impressive part of this whole thing is that there’s a positive miracle associated with the Jets.


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