10 More Graphs That Sum Up The Modern 20-Something Experience

Last week I drew some graphs. People seemed to enjoy them (39 likes and 4 shares on my self-promotional Facebook post, very strong effort), so in the interest of playfully punching a currently alive horse, here are 10 more. Hopefully you’ll also find a few of these to be “so true” or “my life exactly.”

1. Daily Priorities.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 11.23.50 AM

2. A Sure Thing/Future Wedding Plans

photo (46)

3. Inbox Realities.

photo (47)

4. #NoDaysOff.

photo (48)

5. Modern Friendship.

photo (50)

6. Owning A Mirror.

photo (51)

7. Ew, Dana.

photo (52)

8. Cool Story Bro.

photo (57)

9. Technological Progress.

photo (56)

10. Really Deep Feelings.

photo (60)Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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