The 12 Best Moments From Season 3 Of ‘Girls’

I am a dude who enjoys the show Girls. I think it’s entertaining, says a lot of relevant and insightful things, and is an “important” watch when it comes to pretentiously discussing the zeitgeist. I thought Season 3 was the show’s strongest season yet — you got to watch characters who were friends but-barely-friends move through the word as the individuals they’ve become, and deal with the reality that their lives are occurring, whether or not they’re occurring in the way they’d envisioned.

From the hilarious to the powerful to the many faces of Marnie, here were some of the highlights from Season 3:

1. Marnie’s YouTube video.

High point of the season, probably the high point of the whole series.


2. Shoshanna exploding on everyone else.

I really enjoyed this moment; Shoshanna putting her foot down at the LI beach house, finally calling everyone out on the terrible people that they are.

The best part about the whole thing is that it seemed clear that nobody got the message. Nobody even tried. By the next episode, I think even Shoshanna forgot.

3. Hannah at her editor’s funeral.

Throughout the season (particularly early on), Hannah really perfected the Larry David/George Costanza “I’m just gonna say shit” aesthetic, only with zero percent of the self-awareness that makes Larry David’s Curb character weirdly acceptable.

Watching that play out with none of the self-awareness was part painful, part hilarious, but without an interesting commentary about people who do things like blog about 20-somethings who are blogging about 20-somethings.

4. Nothing involving Jessa.

Jessa was a bit of a (sad, dark) bummer this season. Interested to see where her character goes in season 4. Is there really anywhere left to go?

5. Adam being focused.

My most major beef with the show, up until this season, was that Adam always seemed a lot more like a projection of a guy than an actual guy. Yes, he’s supposed to be weird and out there, but even his weirdness felt too “OK, if I was gonna make an ideal weird boyfriend, this is what he’s gonna be like.”

Anyway, Adam seemed a lot more human-like in Season 3 — operating in the context of balancing his career with a relationship seemed to take him out of the one step removed, how-the-hell-does-this-guy-exist nature of Adam’s essence.

For the first time, it felt like he was thrust into dealing with stuff, which was great to watch. I think the Hannah Adam interactions, chiefly, took the show to an entirely new level.

6. Marnie & Ray going on a “date” in Chinatown.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.39.51 AM
Girls: HBO

I was kind of hoping they’d go back to Staten Island, so Marnie could wear her trademark “I’m too good for Staten Island” Marnie-face the entire time.

Chinatown, though, was certainly an excellent choice. The lunch was phenomenal to watch — felt like something that would probably be live-tweeted this day and age.

7. Marnie’s face, upon finding out Desi had a girlfriend.

One of the better Marnie moments in a season full of tremendous Marnie moments.

Other great notable Marnie moments include; the awkward hug with her younger gallery boss, not knowing whether she was playing Ray or Ray was playing her, her “Desi kissed me” face.

8. Ray and Adam attempting to bro out.

“Man, girlfriends suck, man” – Adam & Ray

“I hooked up with this smokin’ hot chick man, but then was like nahhhh. You know?” – Ray

“Yeah bro” – Adam

9. Adam being miserable on the drive up to Jessa’s rehab.


I would very much like to watch a sitcom in which Shoshanna and Adam are forced to watch a season of Real Housewives together.

10. Elijah trying too hard upon meeting Patti LuPone.

It was good to see Elijah “if straight guys dressed like me, you’d be cleaning up” Krantz back this season. Watching his lose his shit over Patti LuPone was funny. Watching him fake laugh in the presence of Patti LuPone was funnier. It was like watching a Bro hang out with Mark Wahlberg.

11. Major Barbara.

I have a (rather unoriginal) theory that major plays, productions, etc., operate almost exactly like a 4th grade chorus concert — in the sense that everyone goes out for ice cream after, but only really because the scope of the production/achievement creates this sort of celebratory obligation. The only real difference is that at age 26, there are probably drugs in the ice cream.

12. The last scene.

In my mind, the very last scene was rather “perf.” What I took away from it is that in a world full of highs, lows, and songs by Flo Rida called “Low,” the only real constant is yourself. And if you look at yourself in the right way, you might realize you’re pretty alright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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