Got A Great Story About Senior Year? We Wanna Hear It!

Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect

Hey people,

As we all know, senior year of college is a very #rare time. There’s a very particular mood that comes with the final year of school — you’re peaking, you have the world in the palm of your hand, but the feeling of exceptionalism has an ever-looming, frighteningly foreboding expiration date. Because once graduation hits, it all gets real.

To celebrate the undeniable spirit of the senior year experience, I’m putting together a compilation of stories about senior year of college. These can be anything from wild spring break sagas, to job interviews gone horribly wrong, to tales about transitioning friendships and volatile breakups. Want to tell the world about your senior year obsession with dominos pizza? Tell us about it. Did you recently have some sort of Good Will Hunting moment, inspired by a particularly “out there” Professor? We wanna hear it.

I hereby invite you to submit stories, or pitches for stories, via the Thought Catalog Submissions form. Please title all submissions “SeniorYearProj.“* If your story or idea is of interest to this project, you’ll receive an email before anything goes further. If you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to ask away in the submissions email.

*This is very important. If you title them something else, they’ll prob get lost. 

Please note – you don’t have to be a writer, or aspiring writer. You just have to be someone with a story to tell. The best will be published in an original collection of stories, all revolving around the excitement of senior year, as told by current seniors and recent graduates.

Looking forward to hearing about your tales of debauchery, self-discovery, or both.

-Lance Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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