7 Old & New YouTube Clips That Are Sure To Give You Some Laughs

Why work when you can just watch YouTube videos, and then x them out when someone important walks by? Here’s some clips that’ll help you pass the time.

1. True Detective: Oscars Parody


LA-based comedian Jon Rudnitsky has been making some huge YouTube waves over the past year or so. His two prior hits, House Of Cards Junkie and The Jewish Hunger Games: Kvetching Firehave recently been followed up by the one you see above, a very well done True Detective parody that uses the show’s style to talk about McConaughey’s career. Rudnitsky’s McConaughey impresh is real solid.

Note: this doesn’t really give away any True Detective spoilers (I’m a few episodes behind, didn’t spoil anything), but is most def much funnier if you’ve watched the show.

2. New Material Seinfeld


Comedian Pete Holmes has been doing his thing over at TBS — his late-night show is churning away, making it’s mark with a solid guest lineup, funny sketches, and great ideas such as this one — New Material Seinfeld, a puppet that tries out jokes in the style of the great observational comedian.

Be warned: once you watch, there’s a good chance you’ll turn into that annoying person who can’t stop quoting.

3. Bill Burr: Paula Deen & the Media Cycle


Bill Burr explains the “public outrage” media cycle in regards to last year’s Paula Deen firestorm. With the recent mega-investment Deen landed (between $75-100 million), Burr couldn’t be more correct.

4. Religious Dad


Before the Workaholics guys were the Workaholics guys, they were grinding it out on the ‘tube. Here’s Adam Devine playing the part of a very funny “Religious Dad.”

5. Broad City: I Heart New York


As is well publicized, Comedy Central’s recent hit Broad City used to be web series. Here’s a particularly notable episode from 2011, featuring the likes of popular humans such as Kristen Schaal and Amy Poehler.

6. New Friend – Jimmy Tatro


Jimmy Tatro is an endless mine of funny, collegey-ish stuff. He’s now a household beer can-laden, unclean apartment-hold name, but here’s his first. Very solid.

7. Key And Peele – “Pussy On The Chain Wax”


From last season’s Key and Peele, this is an incredibly funny, rather brilliant sketch about saying that aren’t actually sayings, and the process of “trying to start a thing.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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