9 Excellent Gifts For The Hard-To-Please Boyfriend

On the whole, men are notorious for being the worst when it comes to gifts. If you’re ever having trouble letting your man know how much you appreciate him via a material item, here are a few suggestions:

1. Socks

Fruit Of The Loom
Fruit Of The Loom

Socks will forever be the classic male gift. Predictable, uninventive, yet extremely useful.

If you’re living in New York City socks are especially topical right now — the giant Kaiju-esque, puddles of sludge have been totes brutes for the male sock collection. Losing a lot of good men out there.

2. Good Shaving Cream/Accessories

All men need to shave. Or at least they used to. But even with the most gnar of beards, you need maintenance. Good shaving materials are a gamechanger.

And thanks to #capitalism, there are now entire stores dedicated to providing society with a better shaving experience.

3. Mix CD

Watch the most deep-voiced Bro wither when you make him an unforgettable mix CD. Title it an inside joke from your very first date, and really hit him at his core. Time by Hootie and the Blowfish is a must.*

*Make sure to also make it into a spotify playlist or something, so he has a way of actually listening to it.

4. Gift Certificate To His Favorite Bar

There may not be such thing as the cool girlfriend, but you can temporarily be the coolest girlfriend by getting him a bar tab.

A free night out with the boys is a great way to make sure you’ll have him as devoted as ever.

5. Bill Payments

I have never heard of anyone ever doing this, probably because it sounds like the most depressing gift of all time. But paying the month’s cable bill also sounds like forever love.

6. Authentic/Culturally Hip Sports Jersey

Reebok Oshie Jersey
Reebok: TJ Oshie Jersey

These are generally pretty expensive, so make sure to only get one if you’re super-duper committed. Or, if you like sports jerseys and want to steal them from him.

I’d highly suggest a hockey jersey, as they are the only jerseys acceptable for you to steal back from him. (See: Section 8, Article 2 — Wearing boyfriend’s sweatshirts)

7. Framed Poster/Photo Of His Favorite Movie

Is he hooked on True Detective? Immortalizing what he likes is a great way to get him to finally realize that the real gift in this situation is you.*


8. A Belt

There’s nothing quite like a good belt. I say this, because there actually isn’t quite anything like a good belt. That’s how matter works.

9. A (Surprise) Dinner At His Favorite Restaurant

Treating him to dinner at his favorite restaurant is great, but a surprise dinner at his favorite restaurant is next level. And the more and more relationships become next level, the more and more likely your friends are secretly really jealous really, so happy for you. Engagement status looming. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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