15 Surefire Signs That You Made It

We live in a world very obsessed with the concept of #makingit. From overeager Facebook postings discussing how hard we’re about to go in on a practice LSAT test, to instagrams of flying on a private jet because of some unique work obligation at our jobs that pay $35K, us youngsters need to tell each other how well along we are — how were destined for stardom, riches, and incomparable #success.

If you’re not quite sure if you’ve made it, here are some surefire signs:

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How To Make It In America

1. Your parents told you how proud they were, hung it up on the fridge for all too see, and then waited till you were asleep to mercilessly ridicule how terrible of an artist you were at 8 years-old.

2. Despite adding all that extra butter, they aren’t close to as good as Uncle Pete’s mashed potatoes.

3. Siri has finally stopped saying the word “recalculating.”

4. It got 34 views on YouTube.

5. It smells bad, but not quite as bad as Kevin’s silent but deadlys.

6. The car mechanic is clearly being really careful as to not offend you, because you already look like you’re about to cry.

7. She tells you she “loves it,” but is secretly terrified. On second thought, maybe a necklace that solely consists of heart-shaped sea shells wasn’t the best idea.

8. You’ve taken to obnoxiously strutting around the court screaming “NOTHING BUT NYLON SUCKKKAAAA!!!”

9. It’s such a terrible macaroni log cabin. What were you thinking?

10. You uploaded it to pinterest and have been desperately refreshing ever since.

11. You’re a terribly treated factory worker in an impoverished country.

12. It hasn’t sold for your requested price of $240, despite it being a pretty good painting of a tulip.

13. It appeared on your etch-a-sketch sometime in the last 9 years.

14. It’s actually a pretty solid nacho dip.

15. Somehow, neither of you realized that the condom broke. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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