How To Make New Friends After College


Adulthood is a very tricky game when it comes to associating with new humans. Like a jaded, twice-divorced 52 year-old, an adult has been through the friendship mill enough to know that ROGP7XY (Return on grabbing pitchers 7 times per year) oftentimes won’t yield the desired results. Not to mention, many adults are often looking to downsize when it comes to friendships; getting rid of old high school buddies and finally being able to enjoy an obligation-free weekend, as we all know, is amongst one of the finer moments of any human life.

That said, adulthood friendships can be a lot like being a premium super-gold member of a rental car service. The things they can offer are certainly unprecedented, and will inevitably provide you with a rich, rewarding, and eye-opening experience.* The video above attempts to outline the various phases of your adulthood friendships — from initial conversation starters, to the holy grail that is induction into the wedding party.

*A good way to ensure you’ll never be friends with anyone is to use the phrase “eye-opening experience.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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