Hump Day Laughs: A Standup Comedy Playlist To Get You Through The Week


Weeks are long, and they’re usually only talked about in relation to how close they are to being over. So to numb the pain of your Wednesday existence, here’s a compilation of some great standup comedy.

The intention here is for you to get really excited about your favorite comedians, whilst also being introduced to those you may not have yet heard of. As we all know, liking lesser known people BEFORE they become super super famous is one of the greater cultural feats a millennial can accomplish.

For those without a spotify account, here are the YouTube clips for a few of the tracks. The complete 20 bit spotify playlist is below:

Demetri Martin, People Watching:

Patrice O’Neal, Obama:

Mike Birbiglia, Joe Bags:

Natasha Leggero, Vegas:


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