21 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up An Obscure Hobby

1. You’ll get to tell people that you’re actually pursuing [insert hobby here], which automatically makes you a superior, more interesting human.

2. You’ll break the monotony of your routine, and therefore glean a greater sense of purpose from your daily existence.

3. You’ll inevitably meet people who, just like you, are very interested in said hobby trying to find a spouse.

4. Commitment to that hobby will mean you’ll have to go there at 8pm, which means that you won’t be in your apartment at that time. Which means you’re officially elusive.

5. Upon hanging out with your new adult hobby friends, your real friends will be forced to admit that you actually are a human capable of socializing.   

6. The friends you do make will be people you’d never anticipate ever becoming friends with. This helps with your #personalgrowth and #horizonexpansion.

7. At family/social gatherings, you can have something to talk about other than the fact that your job is good for now–ultimately not where you wanna be, but the right place for now.

8. You’ll learn stuff about that hobby/field that you can constantly reference if ever in need of a cool, interesting fact.

9. You’ll have an outlet to healthily channel emotions that would otherwise be channeled into 3 pies of Dominoes.

10. You’ll inevitably feel accomplished, and therefore have sudden urges to walk down busy city streets and yell at things like a triumphant character at the end of a movie.

11. You can make a dope music playlist solely based on feelings you feel when engaging in that hobby. As we all know, playlists are a great way of subtlely asserting cultural superiority.

12. Even if you’re engaging in said hobby with a friend, the initiative here is not driven by anything but your own curiosity/motivation.

13. If you’re good at it, you can possibly turn it into a career.

14. Having another commitment might forcing manage your time better–i.e., instead of having five hours to do laundry, maybe you’ve now only got a 90 minute window. As Netflix shows us on the reg, having too many options is terrifying.

15. Starting a new hobby is sort of like going to a new school or starting college. When in the world of the hobby, you can technically be whoever you want to be.

16. You’ll now have a legitimate, built-in excuse as to why you can’t grab drinks tonight. Huge.

17. The more obscure the hobby, the less people understand about what you’re doing for three hours a night. The less people understand, the lower the likelihood they figure out you’re terrible at this hobby.

18. You can engage in something free from the shackles of financial feasibility.

19. No matter how #bleak everything else in your life may seem, you’ll have something to hang your hat on. Especially if your hobby is building furniture.

20. The time that used to be spent pondering your own existential doom is now occupied.

21. There’s a chance you might actually enjoy yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – I Love You, Man

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