How Many Of These “107 Regional Slang Words” Do You Know?



A certain corner of the internet is all about the sorts of useless knowledge that only used to come in handy in very specified small-talk situations or bar trivia. This hasn’t really changed at all, except nowadays we have a forum for people to expose this sort of self-important knowledge–and, due to FOMO and the like, create this environment where it might actually be important to know things you clearly don’t need to know at all.

Mental Floss has capitalized on this in huge fashion, releasing the sort of videos that pick at your brain in a way that makes this quest for obscure knowledge fun, interesting, and seemingly crucial to overall self-cultivation. With that in mind, you can now use the slang terms below to impress anybody while traveling the globe–which is something you’ll clearly be doing, because that’s what interesting people do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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