Aziz Ansari Made A Very Funny Video To Promote His New Standup Special


With celebrities doing all sorts of crazy things to raise mad hype for their new ventures (see: Kanye, Jay-Z), Aziz Ansari wants to get in the extreme personal branding game. So in order to make the right splash for his upcoming standup special (due out November 1st on Netflix), he sat down with Seth Rogen to brainstorm.

So I can use this post to underscore my own cultural credibility (this is the entire point of blogging, is it not?), I had the opportunity to see Aziz this past summer, during which he was working out bits for this special. The now 30 year-old comedian is definitely getting better and better with age–like all comics, he’s got a bit more to talk about, and a bit more to be critical of. It all shines through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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