Kevin Spacey, AKA The Man: “TV Channels Need To Give The People What They Want”

Photo via House of Cards 

Some nice, refreshing real-talk from House of Cards King Kevin Spacey. Last week, the Space-man gave the keynote speech at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival, which, based on its unnecessary name length, is a semi-big deal.

Aside from a few excellently timed jokes, the two-time Academy Award winner talked fervently about the changing landscape of television, particularly how he feels the Netflix model is the model of the future. With callbacks to the #crumblingmusicindustry, he discussed how satisfying audience demand in an intelligent manner isn’t only good for the people, but also good for the business side. Not that us rabid consumers care about that part too much, but a fun fact to utilize when needing to one-up your know-it all-friend.

For those of you who care about critically-acclaimed television (so, all of you), it’s very much worth a watch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark



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