8 Ways To End Your Summer In Style

1. Drive An Unnecessarily Long Amount Of Time To A Dock/The Ocean

#Ocean smell is really at an all-time high this time of year. Take advantage, and be sure not to get salty about it.

It’s never a bad idea to also conduct some sort of water-related activity–be it fishing, clamming, or super-extreme paddle boarding. But definitely stress on that first part more. Because as we all know, getting there is more than half the battle.

2. Eat Seafood

Conclude your ocean day by slurping down some nice oysters, or cracking open some lobster claws. If you don’t live by water, I hear Red Lobster is everywhere. Have you seen those commercials?

3. Put On A Hoodie. Celebrate #HoodieSeason

As we all know, one of the world’s best feelings happens annually, around this time; when your R.L Stine-riddled arms first collide with the soothing softness of that hooded sweatshirt. Really too wonderful to be described via words. The final days of summer are a perfect time to kick off this 10-14 day celebration.

4. Crush That Cocktail Party

What are end of summer parties, if not for the upscale cocktails? Hone in on a few fancy drinks, ask about “mixology”, and let the conversation take care of itself. A nice sundowner to end the season is always a proper move.

5. Unplug For An Entire Day

You don’t need to turn it into a politically charged crusade, but lay off the excessive screen staring if for only a short while. I think by now we’ve all realized the cloud isn’t going anywhere.

6. Start Saying The Word “Crisp”

How’s that feel? Incredible, right? Now, say cider. NOW, say them in unison.

It’s gonna be a great few months.

7. Give Your Flip-Flops The Sendoff They Deserve

Beginning around April (March, if you’re ambitious, January, if you live in LA), the greatness that is the flip-flop begins to disrupt footwear homeostasis with the ferocity of a hot girl who just got transferred to your science class. Flip-flops go on to dominate the season like no other, oftentimes to the point of intense exhaustion. And unlike the NFL, the Flip Flop Players Union has not yet cracked down on poor treatment.

Therefore, your flip-flops are probably hanging onto themselves by the skin of their whatever it is they’re made of. Instead of letting them whimper into your closet, send ‘em off in style. As for idead, you’re creative. Think of something cool.

8. Make One Last Trip To Your “Summer Spot.” If You Don’t Have One, Start The Tradition Now.

For the past couple of years, two friends and I have walked the Brooklyn Bridge, all in pursuit of heavenly pizza from our new-favorite pizza place. It’s something that we’ll probably do until one of us writes a really long Facebook status telling everyone that we’ve accepted a job in Denver and while we’re excited for what the future holds, we cannot thank everyone enough for liking the status in advance.

This now an established tradition, and it’s one that’s apparently a big enough deal to be written about in an article. Meaning, it matters. So go start something that matters. Life beckons. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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