A Guy’s Perspective On Finding “Mr. Right”


Some of us who are single always wonder how one day we will meet that special person who will sweep us off our feet, and carry us to that wonderful yet dangerous feeling called love. This emotion is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you get one shot that will change your life forever, and other times, it will take you too many heartaches before you get to feel the joys of being loved unconditionally. We all have our unique love stories, but for girls, this is about looking for the right one – apparently the sweet, gentleman-like, Noah-esque (from The Notebook) guy whom girls continually search for despite the fact that these guys DO exist, and you don’t even seem to notice them. Let this be your actual guide to finding your Romeo, your Noah, and now in real life, your Mr. Right.

You see, guys tend to be simpler than girls. One action is caused by most probably a single reason. In terms of our interests in women, we WANT to be closer to you on the notion that yeah, obviously we LIKE you and we think that you will be that perfect girl for us. Now, here’s the reason why words such as friend zone come in, it is because of the complexity of how some women think that good guy friends don’t always fall in one category. They are divided based I guess on the interests of the woman. And here is the reason why women tend to have a hard time looking for that guy you see in the movies. It is simply because of how concealed your thoughts are that a man courting or simply your closest guy friend will remain as such or will be moved to another group depending on how you feel towards him.

Why then do women tend to fall for the bad boys? I’m not saying that every women is like this, but in general, why would most women tend to hang in “socially active” areas such as clubs, bars, etc. as opposed to having dinner at home or reading a book (again, this is not true for all)? It is because of the thrill that these guys bring, that serves as a sweeping-off-your-feet kind of effect. All females have great minds with intense imaginations. When you have the power to get into their heads, this will automatically cause a spark within them that will say that this person is different. It is easy to fall in love with the guy at the bar with the nice tux and charisma just because you think he is just as layered and as complex as you. I’m sorry to say that most men are not like that – that person is as simple as the next guy across the room. I understand that you do not want someone who is straightforward because that would be boring, and you don’t like boring right?

Well, these are the guys who are just there, waiting to be appreciated, and waiting to be loved by someone too. Meeting a mysterious guy who thrills you may sound like a more viable option, but this can’t just last forever. You will most likely end up sad as to how things have changed over the months then you start reading romantic novels or watch cry fest movies, and wonder why in the world you can’t find a guy who is nice and who will love you for who you are. We are all alike, and believe me when I say that you CAN find Mr. Right and when you do, he may not be your usual Disney prince who will kiss you in your sleep. Neither will he be the person who does all these extravagant things to show the world why he loves you. It is case-to-case, but I promise you this, he will be the one who will wipe your tears when all you can do is cry. He will be the one who will make you laugh at life after a tiring day at school or work. And yes, I firmly believe that he will be the one who will say that you are the most beautiful person he has ever seen.

So who is Mr. Right? Look around you! He may be your best friend, your colleague, or even a classmate! The possibilities are endless because… there is no definite guide in looking for the perfect man. He can be the nicest of dudes, but he may not appeal to some girls. He can also be the jerk, yet women adore him. At the end of the day, Mr. Right is about the guy who will give you his all, and who will be there with you through your achievements and downfalls. Look deep not into your creative mind, but into your heart, and see how one guy you overlooked in the past will possibly change your life in the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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