11 Reasons Why Apple Picking Is Actually The Best

If you grew up never experiencing the joy of fall apple picking, then I feel sorry for you. Sure, picking an apple off a tree doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world. But for the people who have partaken in this activity every year since they can remember, it feels more like a religious activity than anything else. Hell, I get more excited for apple picking than I do for Christmas. And here’s why:

1. The smell of crisp, fall air. There is nothing like walking around rows of perfectly ripe apples and just breathing in the air. It smells fresh and intoxicating, especially with a light, fall breeze. And don’t even think a Yankee Candle comes close to comparison.

2. The surrounding sights. Most orchards are hilly, but veterans know better than to complain. Why? Because you will see some of the most beautiful fall foliage on top of that apple orchard. Definitely Instagram worthy.

3. A store bought apple will never taste the same. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There is something magical about pulling an apple off a tree and eating it right there. The center is as white as paper since there are absolutely no bruises. If a little juice runs down your fingers, don’t complain. It’s just proof of the apple’s true freshness. Best of luck finding an apple like that at a grocery store.

4. You get to be a little kid all over again. You can run through the orchard, climb trees to get the highest apple, and yell at your friends when you find the perfect one. Anything goes in an apple orchard.

5. Plenty of photo op ideas. Need a new profile picture? Why not sit in that old fashioned tractor and snap a few. Or better yet, climb a tree and take some more. There are endless opportunities. Did I mention the lighting always makes you look flawless?

6. You have an excuse to wear flannel. Do I even need to say more?

7. You can embrace farm life. Sure, it might be the ‘white girl’ version of farm life. But it gets you a little dirty and makes for some great memories. Plus the flannel will make you at least feel a little bit like a farm girl.

8. You are surrounded by nature. You may be taking an endless amount of photos, but you are surrounded by beauty. It’s hard to not realize this. Your mind can easily wander and soon you forget all about that midterm grade that’s been haunting you lately. You can relax and just enjoy yourself, which is hard to do sometimes.

9. You can skip the gym for a day. All the walking and climbing is a great workout for your legs, while your arms get to hold the heavy bag of apples. If you work on abs later in the day, then it’s almost a full body workout.

10. The hayride is magical. Where there is an apple orchard, there is a hayride. Bonus if it takes you right to the pumpkin patch. Yes, sometimes you need to pay a few dollars for a ride. But honestly, totally worth the experience. Even T. Swift mentions a ride around the pumpkin patch as a 5 year-old in ‘The Best Day’, so clearly it had a lasting impact on her.

11. If they have warm apple cider, get it. You won’t regret this decision. After all, you worked hard picking all those apples. You deserve a reward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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