How A Small Act Of Kindness Can Make A Big Difference


Have you ever thought about how happy you could make others if you were only willing to drop a little kindness? Have you ever thought about how great it would be if you could walk into a store and buy lifelong happiness? Ever thought about how great an impact you could put into someone’s life in just a snap? The idea isn’t as imaginative as it sounds, as long as whatever you buy is meant for someone else, so think about it.

My roommate, Alnie, and I rushed to buy some food in KFC last Saturday to satisfy our late-hour cravings because let’s face it, going out in your jimjams, plus getting crazy over chicken and fries, is the new course. Just as we finished our food, my roommate immediately went back to the cashier and ordered some more for takeout. I assumed she didn’t have enough for herself. Little did I know that she would give it to an old man lying on the overpass bridge near our dormitory. His reaction was priceless and I felt my heart melt for a while. Seeing strangers get happy because of someone’s simplest act of kindness is genuinely moving and affecting.

We are all for sure interested in happiness. We all even have different ideas about what it is and how to get it. But for me, happiness lies within ourselves, and it is truly our good deeds that can make us happy. During stress and depression, we are usually focused on things that go wrong in our lives, but when we do something for someone else, however, that self-focused attention easily dissolves.

Looking back, there was a time when I was feeling blue and suddenly a friend of mine called me for urgent help. All of the sudden my attention was on helping her. Rather than mulling over my crazy situation, I began to feel energized and just focused on trying to help her. Before I knew it, I felt a little better and gained some perspective on my own as well.

Another reason why compassion might feel so good is that it’s natural to us. Have you ever tried sending a simple yet uplifting message to someone and imagined how clueless you were when he couldn’t go on a day without thinking about what was written in it? Did you ever wonder how many people are going through the same type of situation you are, and wonder how they deal with it?

Oftentimes, we have to seek people out, offer our opinion and heart, and lend a hand. Other people will benefit from any well-thought-out help we can provide. Always remember that we are all someone’s angels, just like my roommate who became one to the old man. You have no idea how you can start off someone’s day, how you can change someone’s life – just like that. Our gift of compassion can be noticed and can also be reciprocated in some way.

Do good, feel good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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