Why We Need To Lessen Our Self-Doubt


Everyone has a story.

You wake up. You wear your broken eyeglasses. You go to school. You take your favorite meal just because it’s the only one you can afford. You deal with your deadly thesis project. You receive questions from people and there is nothing you can give answers to. You try to find and spend time alone. You try to isolate yourself from an uncomfortable crowd. You come back home with a thought and confusion of how your life became dull. You go to bed. You experience nightmares, and dream about your past and what it did to you. This is basically your daily routine. This is your life.

But the other side of you keeps on telling you to run, or drink coffee, or to try this new set of calligraphy pens, to doodle down your ideas, and to write everything you have in mind. Yet, something in you reminds you that this is not reality.

Let me tell you this. Maybe a few years ago, you were this kid who was always open to everything. You used to spend time with your friends outside even ‘til midnight. You tried certain things; you went from place to place without your parents’ consent. You used to explore with other people. You used to seem carefree, happy, and adventurous. People used to see you this way until some struggles came along.

And today, you choose to be alone at night. You choose to work alone. You choose to go to school and just stay at home after classes. But you know, this doesn’t stop you from trying things out. Because what if this is your only way to escape from your harsh reality? What if this is the only way to relieve your stress or to just embrace your passion? At the end of the day, who cares if you don’t go out with your friends anymore? Who cares about your writing and doodling if this is now your thing? Who cares about your hair color and length if it’s now your type? Who cares if you want to play first before work? Who cares if sightseeing and visiting museums is this year’s something you are fond of? So what? Do you think choosing this path made people think of you any less? Well, I think not.

Your experiences made you who you are today. Your experiences made you this way. Everyone has gone through something that made them change.

You, too. And don’t ever change that. Just don’t.

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