Nice Girls Finish Last Too

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Soroush Karimi

There’s a saying that goes like this:

“Nice guys finish last”

I think it was someone like Shakespeare who said that, him being such a hopeless romantic and all..

But what about “Nice girls finish last”?

I am a self-proclaimed nice girl and not to brag, but it has been said by all of my friends that I am a super nice girl and that I have everything to be loved. The only problem is that I’ve never been loved, ever! Don’t get your tissues out just yet, this is not a sob story. I mean, it sucks, but you’ll get over it!
Now, you might already be making up excuses in your head to why I’ve never been loved, surely I must have done something wrong? I mean, who ever goes 23 years without being loved?

I’ll save you the trouble, here is a list of why I might still be single:

Point #1: First, I’m hella shy so yeah that really doesn’t help. I won’t ever go up to a guy and talk to him. Why? Because when you’re a shy over-thinker, saying “hi” to someone is just plain silly!

Point #2: I’m that girl who has big dreams and who would much rather spend her time working on making them come true than on being rejected left and right. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

Point #3: When I’m not working, I’m just too tired and I’d much rather be alone and binge watch a tv show.

Point #4: I have absolutely no idea what flirting is. I’m just lame like that. This might be because of point #1 (see point #1 “I’m hella shy”). Maybe you’ve tried to flirt with me once but I am so oblivious and also hella awkward that I might have just walked out of the conversation nonchalantly without even knowing. Or maybe I realized that you were flirting with me, but felt too awkward to just stand there with you watching me. If you’re not awkward and you don’t know what anxiety is then you must not know how I must feel in those situations, lucky for you!

Point #5: I have a superpower that makes it so that my friends get all the attention and I get none. You might be familiar with the D.U.F.F, if you are not, then let me redirect you to my other article What It Really Means To Be The D.U.F.F. Of Your Squad or just watch the movie The D.U.F.F. The main character is me without exaggerating. It’s just how it goes, people are drawn to all of my friends and somehow I become invisible. But I don’t want your pity! Sometimes it’s for the best! It prevents me from feeling awkward (see point #4).

Indeed there might be a few reasons why I am still single and why nice girls indeed finish last, maybe it’s all the nice girl’s fault if she’s never chosen by anyone!

But it’s not always all her fault!

We overlook great people because we’re too busy looking for the wrong things in all the wrong people. So while the nice girl who is most likely THE ONE is awkwardly standing in the middle of the bar not knowing how to act, you guys are all too busy looking at the drunken “easy to get” girl because she won’t make it so hard for you to get so much as a kiss.

We overlook the nice girl because it would demand a lot of effort to crack her shell open and get to know her. So instead we choose less complicated women.

I’m not saying that other women are not worth getting to know or that they are easy women! I’m just saying that if the nice girl demands a little bit more effort and patience from a guy then it is most likely that she won’t get any attention because nobody wants to spend that time and effort on the nice girl at first. And that’s how the nice girl most often turns out to be the perpetually single girl. But once a guy has his eyes wide open and he is able to notice the perpetually single nice girl, then their relationship promises to be one of a kind.

There might be a reason why the nice girl finishes last, maybe it’s because men have to have their fun and explore their possibilities first to finally go for the best for last. It’s kinda sad in a way because while you’re doing all that fun stuff overlooking the nice girl and literally acting like she doesn’t exist, she, on the other hand, sees you. And it hurts. It hurts to see everyone mingling with each other and to be on your own thinking that something’s wrong with you. But that’s how it goes, I guess.

The nice girl always finishes last. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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