Why Nothing About Failing Scares Me At All

Brooke Cagle

Whenever I do something, I know that I have a chance of failing. It’s a fifty-fifty chance really, I either succeed or fail.

The truth is that I was kind of reminded my whole life that I was a failure or that I was not good enough or that I might fail. But the thing that I’ve had to learn as I grew older was that I should not care.

I don’t care if I fail.

What if I started a singing career and then it didn’t work out? I’m not dead, I just failed! Oh well, let’s move on now! I either really want to be a singer, I persist and I keep on singing or I just decide that it really is not for me and I give up. Either choices are equally as good. If I really don’t want to bother with the hustle then I really shouldn’t become a singer, so it’s fine if I give up. But if I really don’t mind the sweat, blood and tears then I will keep on working towards my dreams no matter what. It’s not a few fails that will stop me! And it shouldn’t stop you either!

Failing isn’t that bad.

I don’t understand why people are scared of it and trying to avoid it at all costs. Listen, if you really don’t want to fail then go live under a rock and do absolutely nothing. Then send me a postcard telling me how nice life is treating you. Disclaimer: it will most likely not be nice but that’s what you get for wanting a life without any failures. Now deal with it!

On the other hand, if you want to be happy then you’ll have to go through things such as failure, sadness, deaths, disappointment, struggles etc… I know it sounds depressing and I know you might want to go back to bed and just curl up in your covers. It’s totally fine! But once you’re done feeling comfortable, curled up in your bed then you can come with me and live Life.
You know how we say, “You have to love yourself, flaws and all.”

Well it’s the same thing with life really.

“You have to love life, struggles and all.”

Failures are no fun. And I am not saying that I go through life saying “YAY! I failed!” I’m just a human after all and just like you I hate failure. But what I pride myself for is when I fail but I’m still able to get up and say “oh well *shrugs* Let’s try again!” or “Let’s try another way!”

Whatever it is that you want to do, I know that you can do it! Or maybe you’ll fail 50 thousand times but if it’s really something near and dear to your heart then we all know that one day you’ll finally succeed.

Just enjoy the journey, struggles and all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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