This Is How You Let Go Of Everything And Just Live Your Life

Brooke Cagle

Fears. We all have them, haven’t we? There is no such thing as being Fearless. But there is such a thing as being Brave.

But how to be Brave when everything is so dang scary? How to be Brave when people will judge you and hate you? How to be Brave when nothing seems to go right?

You just let go.

Just let go of everything and just live your life!

Just let go of all the insecurities, let go of all the doubts, let go of all the criticism, let go of all the hate, let go of all the bad days, let go of all the negativity, let go of everything that prevents you from living and just live your life already!

Are you just going to let Life be scary, so scary in fact that you don’t even have a life to begin with?

Don’t let your fears scare you away from living your life! You only have one life, it’s no time to let fear control you. You have the right to be scared but fear has no right to be in the driver’s seat. YOU control your life. Take the wheel and buckle up because it’s going to be one heck of a journey!

I cannot promise you sunshine, rainbows and glitter all throughout your Life. It’s definitely going to be a bumpy road. There will be some ups. There will be some downs. Sometimes the road might even be flat and steady for a little while. You might find some treasures on the road and sometimes it might even rain. It’ll get muddy and you’ll get dirty. It’s definitely not going to look pretty all the time. But that’s what makes the journey interesting!

So will you go talk to that boy/girl or go skydiving or go chase your dreams or go travel the world alone or create that company or write that book or will you just stay there and watch as the days passes you by until you are on your death bed thinking “If only I had done this”?

Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Regret shouldn’t be the last feeling you end your life with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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