I Would Rather Be Alone Than Continue Being Your Temporary Love

woman sitting on bench
Sharon Garcia

I was always there for you because I cared. I cared about you enough to be there every single time you needed me. But instead of appreciating me, you took full advantage me.

You knew I was a sure thing, so the calls came in later and less frequent. You dropped the small talk and only called when you needed something. I got used to being your late night partner when you felt lonely or someone to just lay in bed with you. Even though it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was there for you.

But I wanted commitment, I wanted consistency. I wanted as much as I was giving.

I wanted to be the girl you genuinely cared about. I craved a relationship where the guy saw a future without me in it. I needed to be the girl you wanted to go spend the weekend with.

I could have given you the world and all I needed was some sort of sign that you truly cared.

I couldn’t just wait around and continue to be your temporary fix. I’m not about to let a guy who didn’t know what he wanted control my happiness and self-esteem. I rather be alone than continue being your temporary love.

I deserve better than that. So I am gonna save myself the heartache and walk away right now. No need to send me an ‘I miss you’ text after I leave your text unanswered. No need to send me snapchats to see if I will reply.

Realize everything you lost out on, because I am gone and never turning back. I have more self-worth than to stand by and be someone’s second choice. I deserve to be someone’s priority.

I hope you see I how happy am without you in my life and realize everything you missed out on. You weren’t man enough to treat a girl right. So someone else will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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