If You Ever Think You’ve Screwed Up, Read This


If you ever feel like you’ve screwed up, go stand in a crowd.

Think about how you’re surrounded by all these people, just as human as you are. They’ve probably made mistakes, have broken hearts and have been heartbroken.

All humans have ticks and quirks. Secret that they hide, dreams that they’ve had since they were children, some of them that broke when they grew up. Just like yours.

There are a million different people on earth, and a million different thoughts run through their respective heads each day.

How can you be alone when you’re part of this great big picture? You might have screwed up, but your minor part in the play doesn’t mean it’s going to get bad reviews. Causes believe it or not, all the characters here in planet earth’s play, forget their lines at some point.

No need to be afraid when the critics themselves are the actors. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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