Your Feelings Matter (Even When This Harsh World Tells You They Don’t)

Rose Photography
Rose Photography

If you’re lucky enough to have been born emotional, chances are you scoffed when you read the word lucky.

We live in a world where they tell you that displaying feelings makes you weak and vulnerable. So we tuck away our sensitivity, and we kill our compassion only to opt for masks of calm and cool.

Why? So we can fit in?

Funny thing is, the world still isn’t happy. Be too cold and they’ll tell you to soften up. And so you try and feel things a bit more deeply. The viscous cycle continues and you find yourself stuck between caring too much and not caring at all.

Why? So that you can be like everyone else?

Soon enough in your attempts to fit in, you manage to lose yourself completely. Now you’re just someone who let the world dictate how much they should feel.

Why? So that you’d still end up unhappy?

So don’t.

Don’t let this world kill your compassion. Don’t let them make you cold. If they say stuff like ‘Don’t be cheesy’ or ‘stop being over dramatic’, remember that what the world doesn’t need is more people who refuse to care about anything and only spend their time invalidating others feelings.

Why? So that they can feel better about wasting away their life.

Don’t be one of those people. Be the person you are, embrace every emotion you feel. It’s what makes you unique, your ability to feel. The world needs that.

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