I Fell In Love And This Is My Gushing Tale Of How I Truly Feel

We build air castles out of love. Paint the walls with our passion and painstakingly craft every layer with undying endless emotion. We create a concrete base of blind less faith and the castle is complete. Only for it to come crashing down,sometime later.

Love is a lot like a hot cappuccino. Sweet, foamy and soft in the middle. Keeping you warm and adding to your comfort till you reach the bitter dregs in the end.

Only to be left with a bitter aftertaste and an unanswered question – Is it really worth it?

Our choices, the silent sacrifices and unsaid words. Does it all go to a waste in the end?

Procrastinating is only but natural. Breaking down that high and well-guarded wall of the secret garden that is your heart, isn’t easy.  You may have loved and lost. Suppressing those fleeting moments of desire you choose to not love at all. Let go of him, let go of her. They will be different another time.

But think and consider – How would you ever know if you haven’t loved at all? Love is the generous dose of  colorful sprinkles on an otherwise bland ice cream of Life. It’s a sip of hot chocolate on a freezing day.

Love is walking barefeet on a lush green garden on a misty morning. It refreshes your senses. It’s an extra glass of champagne you know you shouldn’t drink but you can’t resist it anyway. Love brings out the widest smile on your otherwise grumpy face.

So take a leap of faith, let go of your inhibitions and just give it a chance. Enjoy the bitter cappuccino and learn to build castles again. Let your guard down and fall in love. It may not be a happily ever after but what if it is? You will never know if you never try. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Flickr / Bhumika.B

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