Depression Isn’t What You Think

Mihai Surdu

Depression is not simple. It’s not that easy to identify someone who’s suffering from depression. Also, not all depression cases were diagnosed and recorded by medical professionals.

It’s not someone who’s locked up in his/her room.

It’s not someone who prefers to spend time being alone. It’s not someone who remains quiet most of the time.

Have you heard of the saying “The happiest people outside are usually the most broken inside?”

People tend to look at you at times.

They admire you for your guts and confidence.

For your positive outlook in life.

Little did they know that you were dying inside.

I don’t know if it’s called trying or pretending.

But one thing’s for sure, you totally do not understand how they can admire someone who’s shattered into pieces.

Brave soul, trust me, you’re not alone in this battle.

Depression is waking up at 6am and getting out of bed, preparing for work, and getting through for the rest of the day.

You spend the day just like how others do.

And at night, you can’t fall asleep because your mind won’t stop thinking of how worthless and weak you are; wishing that you can just sleep forever to not feel the sadness and pain.

Depression is helping others in need. It is constant checking on your family and friends, making sure that they are doing well. Because you certainly wouldn’t want others to feel what you’re feeling right now. You don’t want any of your loved ones to suffer and become miserable.

You can see a lot of people doing well. You’ll pass by happy people. But dear, don’t let those smiles fool you.

A little tip for you, be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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